With a name like this, we don’t need a complex website.

We write, we record, we voice-over, we produce, we interview, we edit, we publish.  All that and a wee bit more. 

Podcast geeks with personality. 

Studio in London, UK.

Studio in Lisbon, Portugal

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What’s needed? Who to interview, what to focus on, how?


Script writing

Maybe you are interviewing, maybe you’re being interviewed. You name it.

Recording & producing

We record anywhere in the UK.
Or, studios in London and Lisbon, Portugal.


Editing & mixing

We add jingles, introductions, music, and sparkle. We remove mistakes and boring bits to make compelling audio.


If you’re looking for correctly-sized punchy artwork to go with your podcast – we can sort that.


Technical side, covered. We can host it, or pass it to you to host on your server if you prefer.

We are a small team of audio geeks
– we know good audio. 

Podcasts made



years experience

examples a-plenty

Recording, producing, adding voice-overs and hosting podcasts. 
Interviews recorded in the field or online, sound boosting, editing, music & audio production. The lot!

Client: JoinClubSoda.com
Interviews recorded mostly by client, sound boosting, editing, music & audio production.

Client: Ministry Of Startups, London
(interviews recorded in pub, sound boosting, editing, jingle production, hosting)

Client: Me (the company owner), for fun.

World-travel diaries. Also: radio shows broadcast when I lived in Canada.