Globally, the number of podcast listeners tripled between 2014 and 2024.

The UK has over 17 million podcast listeners. 
Forecasts predict around 20 million listeners by 2024.

Podcasting isn’t expensive.

From Our Clients

“Great. VERY natural and energetic”

– Mike Bendixen, Program Director, Newstalk1010

Mike Bendixen

Program Director, NewsTalk1010, Canada's largest talk station.

“Very professional, has helped transform quite technical information into fun and dynamic audio that can be easily digested. Great to work with.”

Mel, Director of Engagement, Big Society Capital

Esther Blake

Marketing and Campaigns Officer, Big Society Capital, UK

“Just dynamite!”

– Kim, News Director, Newstalk1010

Kym Geddes

News Director, NewsTalk1010, Canada's largest talk station.

“The perfect mix of funny and informative”

Ben, Owner, Ministry Of Startups Coworking

Charlie Gallienne-Schmidt

Ministry Of Startups, London

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